How to make a sugar glider pouch

How to make a sugar glider pouch

How to make a sugar glider pouch

How to make a sugar glider pouch is your search. Then the chances are high that you just obtain a sugar glider at your pet and thinking how will you keep it with you in your home? 

Naturally, the sugar glider has its natural habitat in the woods. This is the reason that it will take some time to train the sugar glider that how it will live in the habitat of humans. 

The most important of this training is potty training.  

The initial Days of the Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider requires the first few days to adjust to the home. Don’t start the training in the initial days as this will make the sugar glider afraid of you and you will not be able to obtain it at all. 

So take the fear away from him.

Let the smell play its role

Every human being has a smell. the first step to make your sugar sugar glider familiar with you is to make it familiar with your smell. this is really very easy to make the sugar glider familiar with your smell. 

The best thing to do is to put a piece of cloth inside the cage. This is the piece of cloth that should contain your smell. If you wear during the day it will soak your smell and this can be placed in the cage. 

Make it familiar from the surroundings

Select an hour during the day. This is is to Train your sugar glider. Choose a small room in your house. This room should not have any escape. Put the sugar glider in that room. Block all the escapes if there are any. Now put your sugar glider out of the cage. 

  • Sweet gently in the room and observe what the glider is doing
  • Tried to feed the sugar glider with small sweet treats, whenever the sugar glider comes near you. 
  • At this time this is not wise to pick the glider.

This is the time to put it in the lap

Now you can put the glider at your hand.

  • Place a treat on your hand and let the sugar glider eat it.
  • What’s the greatest hour to eat gently tap his head. 
  • Don’t do it too early.

Once the glider is familiar with you now you can put it in your lap

Pulling away should be avoided

This may happen that the leader tries to bite you in the beginning. Definitely the glider will be afraid of you. 

At the time do not pull away from your hand. This will create hesitation between you and your glider. 

Be sure every time you wash your hand after playing with your glider. The glider bite may create a problem

The tale magic

Another important way to make your glider familiar with you is to touch its tail very very urgently. once the glider is at your hand and eating that treat you can gently tap its tail. Once you are successful in doing so it means that your glider is now familiar with you. Now you can easily put the sugar glider pouch.

The last words

Patience is the key to success in this is the best reply to the question “how to tame a sugar glider”.