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Best Sugar Glider Wheel

sugar glider wheel

Nowadays the sugar gliders are getting popularity due to its beautiful and innocent looks. It’s loving nature towards humans. Moreover, this may be one of the few jungle animals that if trained properly learns to live with humans. Even though this is considered a pocket animal. 

In this article, we will try to find out the best wheel for sugar gliders that actually suits your pet the best.  Secondly, the exercise needs of the sugar glider and how you can fulfill it by providing the best exercise wheel to your sugar glider. Thirdly as a forest in habitat, the sugar glider has the nail. These protect it from the other animals and help him in various other ways especially in getting the food. 

Living as a pet animal the food and survival both are no problem for the sugar gliders. On the other hand, the increased size of the nail may cause problems for the pet owners. This is also very risky for the owner to grab the pet and manually tune all of its nails. This can make the pet afraid and the sugar glider can respond in an unpleasant way.

 To overcome this problem we have available with the sugar glider wheel with a nail trimmer.  Moreover for the guys who love to do the DIY type of projects. We have something for them to include in this article.

Some of the best wheels available for a sugar glider in the market

1. Sugar Glider  Exercise Wheel by Atticworx

Sugar Glider Exercise Wheel by Atticworx

Product description and features

Sufficient size

The diameter of the wheel is 12 inches, which makes it a sufficient place for the sugar glider to run.

Security of the pet

The wheel is closed from one side. This is the reason that the sugar glider will feel safe while running in the sugar glider wheel.

Silent  Wheel

This may be a possibility that when the sugar glider runs in the wheel it will produce a horrible sound. This sound will definitely make the sugar glider afraid of the tire and secondly, the environment around the cage will also not be so pleasant for the people sitting around the cage. 

Thanks to the heavy-duty wall bearing used in the tire this problem will not occur in this wheel. 

This is really a quite wheel very pleasant operation. The sugar glider can run easily in. This is a completely safe thing both in terms of protection and the sound. 

Crossbar free

The sugar glider has a long tail and small legs. This long tail can be trapped easily during the movement of the tire. Thanks to the design of this wheel. This wheel is crossbar free. As this wheel is crossbar free it provides protection to the long tail and the small feet of the sugar glider.

The running area

The running area provided to the sugar glider is 5 inches wide. This is quite a big space for the sugar glider to run and enjoy.  This area is made of solid black plastic.

  • The running area is made of black solid plastic
  • The wheel has a quiet operation
  • The wheel is crossbar free
  • Safe for the sugar glider
  • The blue color may not be aesthetically appealing for all.

2. Best Sugar Glider Wheel By Exotic Nutrition Store


Product description and features

The elimination of Central bar

The abbreviation of Central point improved the safety of the product fBest Sugar Glider Wheel By Exotic Nutrition Storeor the pet. Chances are high that during the circular motion of the wheel the sugar glider gets hurt from the center bar. Thanks to the unique design of this best sugar glider wheel your sugar glider is completely protected.


The inner surface that is meant to run for the sugar glider is sandy. This is the reason that this is a perfect sugar glider exercise wheel. This protects the sugar glider from falling down. 

Noise Free

The sugar glider wheel is known to produce sound. This sound affects the sugar glider as well as the environment around the cage. Thanks to the modern technology used in this best sugar glider wheel. both you and your sugar glider will enjoy a silent environment. The bearing based design makes the spin of the wheeled smooth and less noisy. 


The cleaning of this wheel is really very easy; a smooth open design makes Every inch of the wheel open for cleanliness.

Shipping is free and fast

within the United States of America, the shipping is completely free and you will get your delivery within 3 days.

  • This is completely safe for the animal to use this product
  • It has a standard track that is sandy for the sugar glider to run
  • This is not a slippery product
  • Cleaning of the product is made easy
  • Really secure for the sugar glider to ride on it.
  • It is made with high-quality products and it is too attached with the cage
  • This improves the health of the sugar glider
  • Protects the sugar glider from the joint pain
  • The product can also be used for hamsters
  • Aesthetically the yellow color may not be pleasant for all.

3. Nail trimmer Exercise Wheel For the Sugar Glider by Suncoast Sugar Gliders

Nail trimmer Exercise Wheel For the Sugar Glider by Suncoast Sugar Gliders

Product feature and design

The USA made product

you must be sure of the quality of the product as this is made in the United States of America

Enough room

This 11-inch diameter wheel provides enough room for the sugar glider to run on.

Sugar glider with the nail trimmer

This is a gentle product gentle on nails. It also protects the paws of the sugar glider. This is really very hard to cut the nails of the pets. What else can be better than this? if you convert this activity into an entertaining activity for the sugar glider.

the names of the sugar gliders will automatically be trimmed off. While they are having fun On The wheel. 

Exercise wheel for the sugar gliders

Exercise is necessary for the health of sugar gliders. It protects the joints of the sugar gliders and strengthens its muscles.

Free shipping from a reputable brand

This product is available for fast and free shipping by a reputable brand within the United States of America.

Pros & Cons

  • Best exercise wheel for sugar gliders
  • Showing light A wheel with the nail trimmer
  • Black color may not be aesthetically appealing to all.

Final words

Hundred and thousands of different types of sugar glider wheels are available in the market. Therefore we suggest you not to involve in sugar glider wheel DIY. This may be exciting for you to build a sugar glider wheel. 

But this is not as easy as to cook the food for sugar gliders. This may create problems for your sugar glider. Even though you do it with affection and love for your pet. This is the reason we suggest you buy the best sugar glider wheel for your sugar glider.

Looking for information while buying the best sugar glider wheel for your sugar glider is also a sign of affection and love. So we recommend you to show your exceptional love in the proper manner.