train a sugar glider

How to train a sugar glider

train a sugar glider

How to train a sugar glider is a comprehensive terminology. In this article under this terminology, we will cover the following points: how to train a sugar glider to do tricks, how to train a sugar glider not to bite, how to bond with sugar gliders, my sugar glider won’t let me hold him, and how sugar gliders can eat dragon fruit.

How to bond with a sugar glider

Originally from Australia and Indonesia, the sugar glider is actually a forest animal. It has not been very long that the people have adopted it as a pet in their houses. As instinctively this is a forest animal you need to train him to live in the house. 

The first thing in this process is to create a bond between you and your glider.

Make your sugar glider comfortable with you. This thing can be done by making him feel milia with your smell.

  1. Put some of your old cloth in his cage. These clothes should not be washed and you put it there after you wear it for 5 to 6 hours.
  2. This piece of cloth will contain your smell. The glider will start to become familiar with you.
  3. the next thing is to make the sugar glider comfortable for you for this you need to choose a room. The room should not be big. All the ways of escape should be closed.
  4. Open the cage of the sugar glider and let him come outside.
  5. Encourage him to come to you by placing small treats for him.
  6. The lost Street should be placed in your hand. 
  7. don’t do it so early this may take up to a week that the sugar glider will pick the last read from your hand.
  8. Once the sugar glider starts to eat the food from your hand now is that time to gently pat his head.
  9. Once the sugar glider becomes familiar and you can pat his head, know the time to pat his tail. 
  10. The last thing is to put the sugar glider in your pocket. Don’t do it straight before putting the sugar glider in the sugar glider bag that can also be put around your waist.

How to train a sugar glider to do tricks

Now the sugar glider becomes familiar with you now you can create it easier for drawing tricks. 

  1. Place different sugar glider treats at different places. 
  2. Increase the sugar glider to pick the treats from different places.
  3. Once this is done increase the gap between different places where you put the treat.
  4. Increase the sugar glider to jump between the different places to pick the treat.
  5. In this way, you can rain the sugar glider for different tricks.

How to train a sugar glider not to bite

By origin, the sugar gliders are forest animals. Biting is its natural instinct. I need so that the latter should not bite.

The only way is to distract the glider. Whenever the sugar glider starts to bite you should try to distract it. This is simple and easy. Do this with the help of a treat.

My sugar glider won’t let me hold him

If your sugar glider doesn’t let you hold. This means that your sugar glider is not completely familiar with you. you need to develop trust between you and your sugar glider. The process of developing trust is simple. 

You need to provide your pet insurance that he or she is completely safe with you. This can only be achieved when you start to spend time with your pet. 

Spend at least one hour a day with your pet. During this time open the cage of your pet and let him play around you. Sit beside your pet but be sure to block all the escape ways from the room. 

Make the sugar glider comfortable in your presence. During the play try to feed the sugar glider by putting the treat on your hand.  Shoes lighter will start to eat from your hand. This is it time to let him gently sit at your hand. 

By doing this process for 15 days continuously. The sugar glider will become your friend and you can easily hold the glider in your hand. 

Can sugar gliders eat dragon fruit?

Some experts believe that the dragon fruit can cause constipation in sugar gliders. This is the reason that we do not recommend dragon food for the sugar gliders to eat.

Other than this being a forest resident the sugar glider loves to eat wild products. These are eggs of the bird’s lizard instincts. 

Sugar gliders should be provided with a blend of food. This plan should contain an appropriate quantity of the fruits.

Final Words

Whenever you adopt an animal as a pet. This will take some time to get familiar with. Especially if the animal is from the forest. This will require more effort and training. To adjust the animal in the domestic conditions. The owner has to put a unique effort. Sugar gliders are one of those animals. These are needed to be treated with the utmost care. Otherwise, this will really be difficult for you to adopt these animals as pets. 

Different aspects require different types of training. The good thing is once trained these will become one of the best pets. Sivagiri days have really a very long lifespan. Normally a sugar glider can live up to 12 to 15 years. 

Once you do the hard work in training a sugar glider this will pay you for the next 10 to 15 years. Therefore we recommend you put in the effort and then enjoy completing the sugar glider for a longer period of time.