How to tame a sugar glider

How to tame a sugar glider

How to tame a sugar glider

“How to tame a sugar glider” the term you just searched on the internet. This means that you are a true Pet lover and Sugar Glider is your new pet. Pet training is a difficult process and it requires patience. The training tactics are the one that makes your life easy. While training the pet. 

The Step by Step Guide How to tame a sugar glider

Here we are going to share a small but complete guide for the training of the sugar glider.

Make or Choose a training room for the sugar glider

This is important to select a training room for your sugar glider. In fact, this is the first step in the process to tame a sugar glider.

  • The room should be small. So that the glider should have a close encounter with you
  • Secondly, the room should not have any space to escape.
  • In case if it has any, then this is the right time to close these escapes
  • You may use small cloth objects like towels to close the escape points. 

The pouch is your partner in ringing the sugar glider to the training room

Start putting the pouch in the cage this will help you to bring the sugar glider to the cage even if it is not very much familiar with you. 

 Many sugar gliders love to hang on the pouch even when they are in the cage. 

Move freely

Let the 

Let the sugar glider move freely in the room. During this free movement allow the sugar glider to eat the treats. This allows you to develop confidence between you and your pet.

Encourage climbing

Encourage your sugar glider to climb on the cage. You can easily make this possible by placing the treats on it.

Encourage Jumping

The second step is to let your Sugar glider jump from the cage again this is done by placing the treat intelligently.

Targeted Jump

The next step is to encourage your sugar glider for the targeted Jump. Initially, you do this process with the treat. Then replace the process with your voice  command only

Jump in your Pocket

The final step is to let the Sugar glider jump in your pocket. Once this is done it means that your sugar glider now has gained the final skill. Now the glider is fully trained and you are fully successful in the process to tame your sugar glider.

Last Words

The sugar gliders are free animals even though they are small. But they have all the instincts of a wild animal. Making them a domestic pet is truly a task. To accomplish this task you need to do a conscious effort this conscious effort should be dedicated. Always remember that in this process the key to success is patience. You will require lots of effort to be successful with patience. Following the above-narrated process will help you to tame your sugar glider.